Saarthee: One-stop shop for data, analytics & more

Mar 1, 2022 | News

Saarthee: One-stop shop for data, analytics & more

If you ask any industry insider what that one word that forms the epicentre of the tech industry today is, the answer would be data. There is a reason why it is called the oil of the 21st industry. New industries have emerged, and older ones have gone from strength to strength with the ability to collect, tame and derive insights from a sea of data.

Founded in 2014, Saarthee’s business-centric complete solution provider approach to some of the most pressing challenges differentiates it from its competitors. Saarthee’s analytics capabilities have helped companies in scientific decision making and increased their profitability by powering their sales and marketing efforts. Moving away from the traditional approach to data analytics is this one company that first focuses on the business problem at hand to deliver customised and most effective solutions that suit best.

Saarthee is a one-stop-shop for all things data and analytics. The company offers a 360-degree view to derive useful insights via services like data management, data engineering, data visualisation, predictive modelling, machine learning, voice analytics and marketing campaign execution. Last year, the company was ranked among the Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing private companies in the US.

Delivering Cutting Edge Analytics

Saarthee’s unique positioning in the industry is to be a complete solution provider besides being the enterprise analytics power engine. It is a tool-agnostic company that aims to read into the minds of decision-makers and action skewers and align every analytical exercise towards strategic insights.

C-Suite Problem Solving

Being a high-level Management Consulting firm, Saarthee’s executive c-suite level problem-solving exposure gives them a unique view and instincts to question the impact of every analysis and reporting. The complex exercises demand impactful analytical outcomes be it reporting, analysis, visualisation or strategy. Continuous learning is applied to downstream processes making the solution more intuitive, sharp and insightful.

Integrating Data Science with a deep understanding of the business

Significant increase in data volume and diversity has prompted data science-driven analysis to make data-driven decision making. The rise in computing power to handle these volumes and the access to data science tools have significantly resulted in predictive models development across all verticals. Building machine learning and AI models are cross-functional expertise. With one leg strongly rooted in business and the other in technology, Saarthee has built several revenue-generating models. Saarthee’s AI-based voice analytics capabilities range from AI-models thresholding and health monitoring to qualitative voice and quantitative analysis. Saarthee also has AI chat agent capabilities that when integrated into the Sales chat, can raise tNPS and make automated revenue-generating sales responses. The vision of the company is to make custom vertical and firmographic based model-generating portals for less tech-savvy and more business-savvy users.

Interpersonal Analytics

Dashboards can be a bunch of views put together or carefully crafted lenses formed after delving into analysis, digging data and most importantly interacting with people who have been on the business side looking for clever views that move the needle. Models can be a mundane act of putting blocks together with a thin understanding of business and its relationship of variables resulting in dysfunctional models. Voice Sentiment Model can be built but knowing how to weave it into organisational goals to lift the bottom line is the key result-generating initiative. Saarthee, as a company, is constantly looking to use analytical skills to make a zero-to-change in the outcomes. Analytics that receive these inputs from marketers and executives placed across various business segments is impactful. Saarthee puts a strong emphasis on client engagement to constantly receive these inputs and integrate it to solutions.

Developing a 360 approach

Saarthee’s key competencies and ability to learn and master newer platforms make them a key partner in new change management initiatives. This constantly enhances the 360 perspectives from both business and data perspective lending Saarthee the unique ability to connect the dots and bring interesting insights. The organisation’s cross-training culture helps create these information channels across teams to act and build solutions.

Training and Raising a like-minded team

Integrating the vision of the company to produce scalable solutions and practises needs carefully setting up training modules to raise teams that can deliver the results as desired. The strong culture of learning and information exchange is  a key driver in propagating best practices. The team has grown steadily over the years ensuring 5-star ratings from clients and stellar reviews of their groundbreaking work. The company is investing heavily in mentoring and training analysts to imbibe practices that deliver on the company’s vision.

Strong Emphasis on Data Quality Processes

Finally, the company believes that data quality is fundamental and sacred to all analysis. Developing a culture of analytics where data quality checks are audited alongside analysis and bugs are routinely reported and monitored to the IT team is essential to creating a watchful team of analysts. Saarthee takes pride in its proactive approach to data quality assessments to ensure the sanctity of data analysis processes.

Guides and Gatekeepers

All engagements in Saarthee are closely overseen and guided by seasoned analytics professionals. Saarthee engages every team member into their growth process ensuring that they grow as cutting-edge management consultants who can handle technology with left and strategy with the right hand.

Saarthee’s Founding team

Helmed by industry veterans who have a cumulative industry experience of over 50 years, Saarthee has quickly emerged as one of America’s fastest-growing private companies. With three-year revenue growth of 549 per cent, the company ranks in the Inc. 5000 list, apart from being one of the top 25 and top three companies in Pennsylvania and Philadelphia, respectively. The company was birthed by two Cofounders-Shikha Miglani and Mrinal Prasad. They founded Saarthee in 2014 with a vision to build an impactful organisation. A small project led to a series of statements of work and with word-of-mouth organic growth, Saarthee became one of America’s fastest-growing private companies in the year 2020.

Shikha,  cofounder – Saarthee and Founder Girl of Substance-social entrepreneurship initiative for gender equality brings to Saarthee eighteen years of industry experience in analytics, technology, and consulting. She enjoys the entire experience of bringing together data, technology, systematic analysis, and business intelligence & communicating meaningful patterns for business planning. She has overseen multi-million dollar project engagements for fortune-50 clients and has been rated as Most-Valuable Partners multiple partners by the key stakeholders. She can seamlessly architecture data interfaces and weave insights from this data creating impactful executive presentations. She has strategized AI-based Voice Analytics by monitoring and integrating AI models to KPIs that lift the bottom line. Her vision for Saarthee is to build a data and analytics company that is driven by business and domain needs in every aspect of the project life cycle. Her leadership approach is truly driven by her empathetic mentorship approach which helps the teams to go beyond their potential.

Along with Shikha, co-founder and Principal Mrinal Prasad, an alumnus of IIT Kharagpur and IIM Calcutta, holds over 20 years of experience in analytics. He has advised several Fortune 500 companies in the financial, telecom, publication and healthcare sectors in the areas of strategy, marketing, operations, and capability development. Mrinal wants to develop Saarthee into a leader in capability development and solution providers for upcoming technology. His visionary approach to leadership provides Saarthee an able platform to achieve greater heights. Mrinal’s strong exposure to technology has created elegant solutions that solve real-world problems. He is passionate about chess and he is passionate about technology insync with this belief that a great strategy needs an ability to execute it to perfection. 

With grand vision, you make a great company. With a great motto, you build the right company. Saarthee is aiming to be both.