Saarthee: Making Employees’ Dreams Come True

May 8, 2023 | News

Saarthee Make A Wish Initiative: Dreams coming true

Employee happiness and satisfaction have proven to directly impact a company’s overall performance. Even in the absence of tangible benefits like improved efficiency and productivity, some of the best companies out there are the ones that actively promote happiness and well-being at the workplace. One of the best ways to keep employees optimistic and excited about work is by encouraging a culture of appreciation. Regular and genuine acts of appreciation make the employees feel truly valued, and they experience a greater sense of engagement.

Saarthee is one company that seems to have truly understood this. Saarthee is the end destination for all data and analytics needs. The company offers services like data management, data visualization, machine learning, data engineering, and market campaign execution. Apart from the top-notch service that Saarthee offers, the company believes in taking utmost care of the people behind its success.

The company strongly believes that its growth is not just in terms of the company’s achievements, but also in achieving the goals of its people who are part of its growth journey. Saarthee is dedicating and refocusing energy and resources on delivering an exceptional experience that makes all team members feel valued, appreciated, supported, and encouraged to be their best versions of themselves along with fulfilling their own dreams and aspirations. Saarthee invests heavily in training and mentorship and empowering its people to take control of their career development by providing them with the resources, options, and visibility necessary to pursue the development path that best fits their needs and interests.

Saarthee has successfully adopted a people-first leadership approach that believes in taking utmost care of its team members. Saarthee’s success is not only in building exemplary revenues but also in making each team member realize their own dreams and goals. Saarthee’s work culture is inbuilt on the pillars of empathy, enablement, result-driven output, reward, and coexistence. Keep in mind that communication is a two-way street, and the key is listening – listening to understand their wishes and dreams. In line with these values, Saarthee has started a #MakeaWish initiative. The organization listens closely to employees’ dreams and desires and fulfils the wishes closest to their hearts.

Employee happiness at the core

This initiative is surely a pat on the back of the employees for their commitment to the organization, but more importantly, it is also a way for the management to express their gratitude for being an integral part of the company for such a long period. With this initiative, Saarthee wants to deepen its relationships with its employees. However, the gifts aren’t the sole focus of this initiative; rather, the emphasis is on sentiments and emotions.

Riddhima joined Saarthee in 2015 as a business data analyst when the company was still in its infant stage. In the course of six years, her work has helped her rise through the ranks. Currently, she serves as the Analytics Lead Manager based out of Saarthee’s Philadelphia office. Upon reaching the milestone, Saarthee decided to honour Riddhima for being one of the strongest pillars of the organization right from the company’s inception. Apart from bestowing with the Saarthee Intrapreneur award, Riddhima was gifted an iPhone 13 and Apple Watch 7. Thanking the company for this honour, Riddhima wrote, “Proud of the journey I have been a part of, grateful to receive the rewards that come with it. Cheers to another amazing year at Saarthee!”

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There are a few ambitions that we hold dear to our hearts. For Vikas Kumar, a manager at Saarthee, it was a Royal Enfield bike that he had an eye on for a very long time. So his joys knew no bounds when Saarthee decided to fulfill his wish of owning his dream bike! Kumar started as an analyst with Saarthee in 2016. For his commitment, not only was he gifted the bike, but he was also recognised as a ‘pillar’ of the organization.

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A student loan is a bet on the future. Paying back this loan is considered a major challenge for many young professionals. Priya Verma, a Manager with Saarthee, had been paying her student loan, and even then, a significant sum remained to be paid. Here is where Saarthee stepped in and took the responsibility of paying the remaining balance. Ecstatic about such a gesture, Verma wrote that she is grateful for all the learning and the recognition she has received from the company in the last five years.

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The journey continues

Saarthee’s conviction in the belief that true organizations build people and honour people who build them is manifested in not just this act but their mentorship approach to nurturing the team members. Managers are groomed to also be mentors to the entire team. They inculcate leadership by engaging the team in firm-building activities and several communication engagements. Saarthee believes that success is best when shared. The organization is indeed delighted to make wishes come true for their long-time partners. The organization will continue to do so in many other ways in future.