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Saarthee provides end-to-end data & analytics solutions that are built for your business, using a people and process efficient, consultative approach.
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At Saarthee, we are passionate about guiding our partners towards insights-fueled success. That’s why we call ourselves Saarthees – inspired by the Sanskrit Sarthi, which means charioteer, trusted guide, or companion. Our diverse and global team of highly skilled data engineers, data analysts, and data scientists work with one objective in mind: your and your firm’s success. We quickly help you process and analyze your data and find the patterns and indicators that move your business forward.

Analytics Value Chain

Saarthee is a one-stop shop for all things data and analytics. Unlike other analytics firms that are technology or platform specific, our holistic and tool agnostic approach is unique in the marketplace. Our Analytics Value Chain framework will meet you where you are in your data journey – from data engineering and architecture, to analysis and modeling, or strategic actioning and long term sustainability.

Our Areas of Focus

Saarthee works across a variety of business functions and disciplines, giving us a unique 360-degree view of the strategic and systemic dependencies required to support a data driven organization. Our team has worked across multiple Fortune 50 organizations, helping them break through and find the actionable insights that matter most.

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We bring together all aspects of analytics value chain to drive business strategy.

Saarthee Sponsors Disney Data & Analytics Conference 2023

Saarthee Sponsors Disney Data & Analytics Conference 2023

Saarthee is proud to share that we are a sponsor of this year’s Disney Data & Analytics Conference (DDAC)! This global gathering of data and analytics practitioners promises an enriching exchange of insights and ideas, and Saarthee is honored to be a part of this...

Saarthee’s Sponsors Big Brothers Big Sisters Independence

Saarthee’s Sponsors Big Brothers Big Sisters Independence

In a heartfelt endeavor to spotlight an extraordinary organization, Big Brothers Big Sisters Independence, we stand united in our belief that every child carries incredible potential within them. Addressing the pressing issues of gender bias and opportunity disparity,...