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We made it to Philly 100 list-ranked 25


We made it to Inc 5000 list-ranked 859

What We Do

Saarthee provides analytics that helps companies leverage data driven insights in making better business decisions. Saarthee’s analytics capabilities help companies enhance profitability by powering their sales and marketing efforts with scientific decision making. Its expanse in and around Analytics provides a unique 360-degree view to derive insights that matter. The company is a one-stop shop for all things data and analytics. Unlike most of our competitors where the approach is tool-centric, our business-centric data-driven approach is a key differentiator in the Analytics Landscape. The work encompasses Data Management, Data Engineering Data Visualization, Marketing Campaign Execution, Predictive Modelling, Machine Learning and bringing it all together to provide Strategic Insights. The company’s unique learning environment powered by people-centric work culture has accelerated company’s year on year growth. emerging as one of America’s fastest growing private companies ranking at 859 on its annual Inc. 5000 list with Three-Year revenue Growth of 549%. Saarthee also made it to the top 25 Inc 5000 list for Pennsylvania and top 3 Inc 5000 list in Philadelphia.

Saarthee as Company

At Saarthee, we passionately believe that data and the processes around it do not just answer questions but find insights that lead to an action improving business processes. This requires the knowledge of wide variety of data sources in that business landscape and ability to weave it together to extract meaningful patterns. Our presence across the entire spectrum of business functions gives us a unique 360-degree view.

Our analytics spread in technology, marketing campaign execution, reporting and strategy in a fortune 50 landscape enable us strategically to stack the information silos and find the Actionable Insight that matters.

Working in the fast moving and changing business requirement requires analytics delivered on time. Building insightful business intelligence, performing data analysis, and running machine learning algorithms if delivered fast, are the key to the success of analytical initiatives.

At Saarthee, we are well-aware that analytic processes if delayed may degrade the business outcome. Our focus on developing people and creating standardized products and processes have been the key to delivering business insights in a both cost and time effective manner. We will continue to use our people-process-product framework. Train and expose people , create processes, and build products to make analytics fast and portable.

Saarthee Productivity

We believe that analytics can contribute to the betterment of the society and do have our arms extended in altruistic analytics. Saarthee internship program extended training to fresh graduated who had lost jobs due to Covid to make up for their lost time. While some of them have become a part of Saarthee, a lot of them were able to redeem themselves. The training is in line with industry needs unlike some of the other paid training program. We believe that pragmatic industry-college partnership can enrich, upskill and prepare students for the real world. We are also extremely enthusiastic and open to pro-bono analytics. With technology being the potent best in terms of speed and capacity and vital data available more so than ever, path-breaking patterns can be extracted to solve for sustainability, social injustice, gender gap, healthcare, clean-water access, income-equality, etc.


Shikha Miglani

Principal and Cofounder

Shikha is the Cofounder – Saarthee-an Inc 5000 Data Analytics Company. She founded Saarthee in 2014 with a vision to build an impactful organization. A small project led to a series of statements of work and with word-of-mouth organic growth, Saarthee became America’s fastest growing private company in the year 2020. She brings to Saarthee eighteen years of industry experience in analytics, technology, and consulting. She enjoys the entire experience of bringing together data, technology, systematic analysis, and business intelligence & communicating meaningful patterns for business planning. She brings in a unique blend of technology, analytics, and consulting to her engagements. Her technical skills across systems and platforms and her ability to read data make her a unique and valuable partner. She has been rated as Most-Valuable Partners multiple partners by the key stakeholders she has worked with. She has overseen multi-million dollar project engagements for fortune-50 clients overseeing high-level as well as granular details of these projects for successful project execution. She can seamlessly architecture data interfaces and weave insights from this data creating impactful executive presentations. Her vision for Saarthee is to build a data and analytics company which is driven by business and domain needs in every aspect of project life cycle.

She is an alumna of Pennsylvania State University USA and MNIT Jaipur India. After completing her under-grad in Electronic and Communication Engineering from Malviya National Institute of Technology, Jaipur (a premier institute). She pursued system engineering for some time and then she then bridged her professional experience into Analytics. Besides Saarthee, she also founded Girl of Substance to promote gender equality, a cause she deeply believes in.

Mrinal Prasad

Principal and Cofounder

Mrinal, Principal and Cofounder -Saarthee, brings in a unique combination of strategy and analytics. He has advised several fortune 500 companies across financial services, telecom, publication, and healthcare in the areas of strategy, marketing, operations and capability development. His twenty years Analytics Experience powered by a strong foundation in Technology makes him unique in converting ideas to reality. With his foot grounded in technology and eyes set on the needs of Senior leadership, he can provide ground-breaking insights that transform businesses and programs. His vision for Saarthee, an Inc 5000 company, is to build a data and analytics company that can not only solve for data and analytics but lead capability development and complete solution providers for new and upcoming technology.

He is an alumni of IIT Kharagpur, India and IIM Calcutta, India. Always a top-performing student in various schools, he excelled in technology. His foray into analytics after a Master’s in Business Administration complemented beautifully in taking several projects from ideation to tangible output creating invaluable insights for the organizations he worked for.


Mario Monzo

Principal Consultant

Mario brings to Saarthee eighteen years of analytics experience having worked for multiple Fortune 500 organizations with a specialty in building analytics teams and solutions from the ground up. Mario has a unique blend of technical skills, as well as executive presentation. Mario drives “Interpersonal Analytics” to create an aligned understanding and communication from IT up to Sr Executives to ensure a project is completed successfully and delivers the solutions needed for decision making. Mario re-designed the entire process for a Fortune 50 company on how they go to market by implementing a data-driven, scientific approach vs the traditional “look and feel” which drove significant increases in sales and marketing effectiveness while saving millions of dollars in spend. He is an alumna of Rowan University.

Mario was born in Southern New Jersey and went to Pennsauken public school where he was a top student. He went to Rowan University for his undergrad where he graduated Summa Cum Laude and was the top student in his major. Mario split his graduate studies between Rutgers and Rowan with specializations in Information Systems and Finance.

Mario worked for Industry for 18 years in analytics always looking for new challenges having worked across Financial Services, Telecom, and Consulting. Mario’s passion is to apply analytics to more socially supportive and altruistic causes to better society as a whole.