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Our Areas of Focus

Marketing Analytics

Our comprehensive approach to marketing analytics and campaign execution encompasses performance monitoring & analysis, data automation and governance, daily operational fulfillment and management and post campaign support. We execute campaigns across all channels and offer expertise in Adobe Campaign Classic and IBM Unica Campaign.

Sales Enablement and Channel Optimization

Your sales organization is full of transactional and performance data that we can help you harness to drive growth and uncover new revenue opportunities. Saarthee has guided Fortune 50 sales teams by harnessing data across all stages of the sales process including: territory optimization, channel mix and conversion analysis, sales representative productivity and commissions and compensation design.

Retail Analytics

Saarthee has deep experience supporting Fortune 30 retail initiatives, including traffic composition analyses and store location optimization modeling. We created a multi-dimensional model that informed store strategy for a Fortune 30 retailer during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Customer Base Management

Your customers’ needs and behaviors are changing constantly – Saarthee builds world class analysis solutions that have assisted firms with identifying cross sell/upsell opportunities, retention and segmentation strategies and propensity models. We deliver these solutions via a custom built platform that makes available all of your solutions in one easy to access and secure platform.

Finance Operations

Saarthee has extensive experience with building forecasts, budget scenario tools and product profitability simulators that take your finance operations out of Excel and transform them into insights.

Customer Experience

Speech Analytics and VoC go beyond just analysis and algorithms to support customer call centers, but can inform all sales channels on trends in customer ideals, preferences, macro trends, and competitive pressures. An end to end solution that makes the most of the speech to text for informed insights that can be leveraged as a Sales, Marketing and Customer Experience will be an invaluable tool. Saarthee can not only build and manage your VoC platform but also drive your management strategies.

Market Research

Saarthee can take your market research initiatives by powering it with Predictive analytics to drive market understanding, identify opportunities and accelerate growth.

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