Learning @ Saarthee

Enhancing Skills and Strengthening Capacity


In this world where ‘change is the only constant,’ it is important for people to embrace being comfortably uncomfortable and adapt to new paradigms, be it in life or technology. When Shikha Miglani and Mrinal Prasad, founders of Saarthee, established the company back in 2014, they had a very clear ideology.

‘Digital innovation is about how we can use technology to empower our employees to think and ask questions and become lifelong learners and eventually become agents of change. The innovative capacity of technology depends not only on strategy, digital culture and tech infrastructure, but also the most critical component of all — a highly skilled and digitally savvy workforce.’

Saarthee Academy

Saarthee Academy was established to:

Provide learning opportunities to professionals working in data science and data analytics.

To strengthen the technical and soft skill capacity of learners, which enriches the knowledge base of the Saarthee team.

The Saarthee Academy is now offering multiple courses across a variety of data analytics tools. The program is completely online and is based on a robust and dynamic Learning Management System that includes easy to understand but rigorous course modules.

The Saarthee Academy Learning Management System


Saarthee Learning Management System (SaartheeLMS)

Has an intuitive design for easy navigation

Offers personalized e-modules

Facilitates learning collaboration for sharing ideas and insights

Includes mentor support from analytics industry experts

Features gamification elements (badges, recognition for accomplishments, etc)

Includes a full suite of performance monitoring reports and dashboards