Introducing… Saarthee Academy for learning

Sep 7, 2022 | Announcements

In this world where ‘Change is the only constant’, it is important for people to embrace the discomfort of change in order to adapt to new paradigms, be it of life or technology.

When Shikha and Mrinal, Founders of Saarthee, established this company back in 2014, they had a very clear ideology:

Digital innovation is about how we can use technology to empower our employees to think and ask questions and become lifelong learners and eventually become agents of change.

 The innovative capacity of technology depends not only on strategy, digital culture and tech infrastructure, but also the most critical component of all — a highly skilled and digitally savvy workforce.’

With Covid knocking our doors, this requirement became more and more imperative with each passing day that it cannot be delayed anymore. It was realised that the ever evolving digital space demands that an employee stay abreast of the latest technology and skills. This is only possible when our minds are challenged and are open to letting go what we think we know so we can relearn what we need to know.

Putting their vision to practice, Saarthee has strategically opened the doors for Saarthee Academy which has been a dream for long. Saarthee Academy has been established as an effort

  • To provide learning opportunities to professionals working in Data Science and Data Analytics.
  • To strengthen the capacity (with respect to technical as well as soft skills) and enriching knowledge base of Saarthee.

The Saarthee Academy is now offering a multitude range of skill-based e-learning courses in various analytical tools used for Data Analytics. Saarthee Academy is fully online which is based on a robust and dynamic Learning Management System complemented with easy to understand yet rigorous course modules.

Saarthee LMS

Using SaartheeLMS to Support Learning at Saarthee 

  • Its user interface is highly intuitive which make is easier for users to navigate the platform and to search and enrol in the course of their interest.
  • SaartheeLMS empowers employees with self-paced e-learning skill based course modules which are engaging and personalised. Users may go through these modules at their own place, pace and time.

Incorporate Blended Learning 

SaartheeLMS has taken learning to another level with an easy-to-use learning platform that simplifies both mentoring and learning.

  • It also offers a common space where employees can share their ideas, insights and resources with their colleagues.
  • It offers flexible learning – while being supported and mentored by Saarthee Analytics experts, of course! 

Empower Modern Learners with Modern Solutions

SaartheeLMS works towards boosting engagement, promoting active learning, complemented with

  • Introducing gamification components and
  • awarding badges to keep learners motivated,

Such motivations drive learner take charge of their own learning while optimising measurable performance. Great job!

Automate Processes

SaartheeLMS is a robust framework for Learning and Development.

  • SaartheeLMS is a centralized eLearning hub which eliminates the need for remembering multiple passwords through Single Sign On. Wow! makes life easier for everyone.
  • Dynamic notifications for various activities to remind learners of the upcoming events, due dates etc.

Track Learner Progress with Analytics and Reporting

  • Streamline learning administration by tracking course completion, grades and other learning data directly within the LMS.
  • Managers can easily track their teams learning through dynamically generated reports.

You cannot ask for more!

Tailored Learning Experiences

Saarthee LMS is working towards building a custom solution tailored to meet the needs of Saarthee employees with industry-leading tools and solutions. It is preparing its people to embrace today’s technology in order to hone their skills to keep themselves relevant through changing times. 

Founders Take

‘SaartheeLMS is exactly the right solution and appropriately timed for us in terms of training and bringing people together’ says Shikha, ‘Our people are our greatest asset and I would expect Saarthee team to have a mindset of a life-long learner with zeal to learn, adapt and grow with newer trends. 

According to Mrinal, ‘Our people need to learn to embrace the natural discomfort that comes from letting go the old and mastering newer methods for learning and development and innovations in Data Analytics. 


Running a successful business need people to look beyond technological skills and identify people who can think across disciplines, connect ideas and “construct information” be adaptable and flexible to new information; be creative; and be able to identify and solve real-world problems. These “global competencies” will shape our world and the way we work and live together.