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Direct Mail Optimization

Feb 27, 2022 | Case Study

Optimized Direct Mail strategy for top telecommunications company, resulting in improved response rate and expense saving.


Client was using a “carpet bombing” approach to Direct Mail marketing which was resulting resulting in 25-35% undeliverable mail, an inability to personalize mailings, and millions of dollars in DM spend wasted; as response rates continued to decline.

35% DM Waste


Implemented full marketing platform using Adobe Campaign, automating, standardizing, and segmenting marketing universe for a technological marketing approach.

  • Built IT platform bringing all prospect and customer data together
  • Implemented full Adobe Campaign stack organization wide
  • Created proper segments across the universe aligned with marketing strategy
  • Built lead scoring deciles on each prospect
  • Ran all trainings to the field on the tool and how to execute campaigns effectively, along with reporting.

Re-engineered DM process


Identified and saved ~$10M in marketing expense via automating the entire marketing operation. Client was able to properly identify and target segments accordingly with appropriate messaging, vasty improving response rates. Allowed for true Omni-channel marketing campaigns, as opposed to prior individual tactics being ran in silos.

+25% RR $15M Saving