Case Studies

Case Study 1: Direct Mail Optimization

September 15, 2022
Optimized Direct Mail strategy for top telecommunications company, resulting in improved response rate and expense saving.
Life at Saarthee


Client was using a “carpet bombing” approach to Direct Mail marketing which was resulting resulting in 25-35% undeliverable mail, an inability to personalize mailings, and millions of dollars in DM spend wasted; as response rates continued to decline.

35% DM Waste


Created full marketing stack technology that more accurately matched businesses with contacts, streamlined mail plans, automated the operation, and aligned DM strategy company wide

  • Matching logic of internal data to industry data was enhanced and better automated to create a true prospect base
  • Visualization for field execution was built and delivered for visibility into the marketing universe at an individual business level
  • Consistent tracking of Direct mail success delivered to executive leadership weekly keeping a “finger on the pulse” of direct mail success

Re-engineered DM process


Improved Response rates 25% & Created Cost Savings of $15M

Allowed for reinvestment of DM spend into other marketing tactics to optimize the full marketing plan among DM, Digital, and other Media at a finer geographic level to better reach and connect with prospects in those segments.

+25% RR $15M Saving