Analytics Value Chain

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Analytics Value Chain


Saarthee offers a broad set of data engineering solutions that are custom built to solve your specific business challenges. Rooted in our team’s technical expertise and guided by business analytics best practices, Saarthee can handle both data warehouse modernization as well as building foundational data elements from scratch. Our solutions can be cloud based or on-premises and are efficiently built and automated, significantly improving your organization’s speed to insights.

Data Governance

Our SaarAnalyzer platform measures your organization’s data quality in real time along six critical dimensions (completeness, uniqueness, accuracy, consistency, validity and timeliness), ensurinng that your source data aligns with your business objectives.

Data Analysis

We’re experts in processing clean data for exploratory and descriptive analysis, providing you with the insights needed to identify trends and hot spots. We use descriptive statistical techniques and our proprietary tools to extract meaningful patterns from your data.

Data Science

We can help your organization anticipate future trends and their impact on your business performance by leveraging powerful predictive analytics and models. We use data mining, statistical modeling and machine learning to build algorithms to help you forecast your tomorrow.

Data Visualization

Our team has expertise using all of the industry leading visualization platforms and can design automated and intuitive interfaces that save time and resources. Our proprietary query generation tool eliminates the need for manual SQL queries and customizes your views for both micro and macro views of your most important metrics and KPIs.

Data Strategy & Implementation

We work with your analytics team to implement sustainable solutions that last for the long term and help you drive adoption and utilization of these platforms across your organization.

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