Analytics Value Chain

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Analytics Value Chain

Data Engineering

Our ability to analyze data makes us highly competent in using data effectively in terms of data integrity, database design and planning, looking at list and summaries, looking for patterns and improving programs.

Data Visualization

We use state of the art data visualization tools to build intuitive interfaces. Clever pre-built lenses save previous marketing time running SQL queries. Our propriety query generation tool converts dashboard’s filter selection to a ready to go SQL query to generate final lists. The business lenses can also be configured for both bird-eye and granular views serving business units at all levels.

Data Analysis

We collect, process and clean data to do exploratory data analysis providing valuable insights to our stakeholders. We use descriptive statistics and our propriety data analytics tool to extract meaning patterns.

Data Science

Predictive Analysis is a powerful way to predict future events using past historical information. We use data mining, statistical modelling and machine learning to make future business forecasts. Our highly customizable propriety predictive modelling solutions combined with our unique expertise makes us a top choice for our clients and stakeholders. We deliver predictive models with transformed variables in quick turnaround time.


We create high level plans like optimize spend increase ROI, product strategy etc. for our stakeholders. All the analytics comes together to drive innovative solutions. Our hand-crafted media mix modeling helps optimize spend for omni-channel marketing.

Marketing Campaign Execution

We do end-to-end Marketing Campaign Execution for our fortune 50 clients. Our end-to-end support encompasses Campaign Data Monitoring, Architecture Campaign Environments, Campaign Data Analysis, Campaign Template Creation and Management, Queues and Logs Creation and Execution, Vendor FIle Delivery and Management, Post-Campaign Support. We execute campaigns across all channels including Omni channel. We are subject matter experts in Adobe Campaign Classic and IBM Unica Campaign.

What we Deliver

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