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Product Strategy
Developed the voice strategy to expand market share for a leading telecom company. Estimated the potential opportunity and Identified levers to expand units and number of lines sold in 2017

Sales Efficiency
Identified the factors effecting sales efficiency of the inbound and outbound channel of a fortune 100 company. Developed forecast at DMA level and identified the areas/channels for investment to drive growth

Market Playbook
Developed the acquisition market playbook by identifying best practices from markets and opportunities to apply them in other markets. Identified product, price and offers across multiple marketing and sales channels

Predictive Modeling

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Likely to Purchase Product
Used Saarthee Machine Learning Product for accelerated development of product likelihood model. The model was developed and implemented within 8 weeks and provided a lift of 60% over the existing model. Insights from the model were used to develop geographic and industry specific programs

Direct Mail Response
Developed Direct mail response model. Model captured 70% responders in the top 3 decile. The model is projected to significantly improve marketing efficiency and save ~$20 million in annual spend


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Sales Rep Productivity
Identified the drivers of productivity of inbound sales channel high performing sales reps. Developed strategies to improve performance of mid to lower performing rep leading to over 25% increase in productivity

Incentive impact
Identified how to best use cash back incentive by assessing the incremental impact of incentive on sales. Identified channels and rep category where incentive lead to highest productivity increase. Developed incentive strategy at a channel cross rep tier leading to 20% improvement in ROI